Interior Design Office

Interior design services our office is one of the top concerns of companies to build and design office. It can be demonstrated superior, professional and modern enterprise to leverage your consumers and partners. The design team focused on the harmonious combination of color, light, functional layout suitable and convenient to give your office a dynamic workspace, comfortable, to ensure both high architectural aesthetics.

Brand hallmark shown through detailed design office furniture is something that we are particularly interested in the design process.


1. Preliminary Design
- The current status of the office
- Premises renovation
- The layout of the interior features
- Pictures "style interior" layout for each space

2. Design 3D - 3D

- The design rendering 3D facade
- A 3-dimensional perspective of all function space

3. Design specifications

- Drawing space for furniture
- Drawings ground size
- Drawings ground electric / water
- Drawing of the interior left
- Drawing of the façade 4 walls
- Drawing of the ceiling
- Drawing of the floor.

4. The estimated cost of the overall interior construction

 - Quotation finishing construction of crude
 - Quotation detail the type of furniture
 - Quotation furniture production

We are proud to be a unit designed by the Office of the most beautiful we have the architect and artist team with the best skilled workers make you satisfied.

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