Construction of Office Furniture

Interior construction services our office. After you get the idea and drawing office interior design matching the style and requirements of the owner, the construction phase is a crucial period to quality and similarity of the actual compared with the drawings. Previously business owners to run the urge to run due to public concern as labor, materials, construction progress, ... we hope will give you peace of mind, comfort in the construction process, to await the results beyond your imagination.


- Surveying the status quo: After record a complete interior design, construction supervision will check the fit between the current state of the design to control the factors arise that can cause waste and the slow progress of construction.

- Working hard: Building, breaking, loading and unloading, transportation, concrete, demolition drill, dress down soil, sand, plaster, smooth, tiling, insert molding ...

- The plaster ceiling, wall plaster and gypsum waterproof often Boral, including ceiling and ceiling hanging skeletons, shells, decorative plaster,

- The installation of electricity, water: Installation, dismantling pipe water supply, installation of water, electrical wiring layout and the use of electrical equipment.

- Business Carpentry: Manufacturing and assembly ceilings, walls, floors, stairs and furniture with natural wood and laminate

- The iron: Production and assembly of items iron doors, ...

- The paint baits: Plastering, painting water, oil, anti-rust paint, PU paint and varnished items as required.

- Aluminum Business: Manufacture and installation of doors, glass-walled aluminum, glass wing doors, glass doors, hydraulic, bearing glasses, glasses box, ...

- The fix: Waterproof, anti-crack, leak resistant, termite works.

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