Villa Construction Construction

Services construction of villas: Once you have an idea and interior design drawings in accordance with the style and requirements of the owner, the construction phase will be a crucial period to quality and the similarity of the actual versus the drawings.

In the past, homeowners must run the urge to run due to public concern as labor, materials, construction progress, ... but now with services construction of villas, according to the "Setting the still sleeping good ", we hope to give you peace of mind, comfort in the construction process, to await an outcome beyond your imagination.

The villa construction packages:

+ Construction of crude:
- Pour concrete foundations, floors, columns, momentum, structural drawings ...
- Building brick, plastered walls to set standards
- Installation of water systems, water supply, power system
- Scan waterproof toilet floor, concrete floors, roof waterproofing, ...
- Installation of the entire telephone network, ADSL, cable TV wall design drawings

+ Application Package (crude + finishing):
- The entire contents of the package in the raw construction
- Installation of electrical system: wiring, electrical pipes, switches, sockets, disconnect
- Putty and paint the whole country inside-outside, oil painting iron content
- Facing tiled floor - kitchen - walls and the bathroom wall
- Installation of sanitary equipment: sink, toilet, faucets, ...
- Installation of all equipment, lighting design drawings
- Installation of doors, windows, toilet, bedroom door.

+ Provide workers: Provide workers experienced and skilled construction to the request of the investor and the proper techniques for design

+ Construction Interior: have own factory interior construction, can produce, install the device in interior spaces such as false ceilings, Placement, paint residues, natural wood products and industry, as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, hydraulic, DOORS ...

After receiving the interior design drawings completed, we will conduct interior construction, during construction will directly urging and closely monitored to ensure that the output will be completed At that, technically correct and in accordance with the agreed design. Depending on the needs of techniques and materials of each master works, we will provide more detail and specific to each customer.

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