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thietkekientruc.biz was established with the aim of providing design services Buildings, Architecture and interior design solutions from space to detail, in order to optimize demand and satisfy aesthetic appeal to every customer. This is not only a creative passion of each architect in thietkekientruc.biz but also a social mission that delivered to us, with the task of creativity and beauty for human living space.



thietkekientruc.biz born in the time of strong development of the construction industry in particular and the economy in general, thietkekientruc.biz understand the advantages and its mission, as have efforts thietkekientruc.biz improve professional, serving customers with the highest responsibility.

Through a lot of work has been done, thietkekientruc.biz has affirmed its brand in the field of Construction, Architecture and Interior Design and Furniture Manufacturing is growing and reaching up to best meet the needs of customers.


- Room Design Architecture & Interior: creative ideas, design works

- Technical Management Board: testing and evaluating the design and technical profile

- Board of building materials and furniture: updated continuously types of building materials and equipment complete new interior, relations with suppliers of materials and equipment.

- Board of construction and factory: furniture manufacturing, construction and installation of interior items on the work.

Also there thietkekientruc.biz collaboration with experienced consultants and collaborators dynamic ability to work independently tall, and has a relationship with the newspaper industry professionals and vendors products and services in the field of construction - architecture and interior.


People are the core values ​​of thietkekientruc.biz!

People are the most valuable asset and is the most powerful weapon in the course of operation, construction and development of thietkekientruc.biz brand.

Therefore, the process of recruitment, training and development of human thietkekientruc.biz always very focused. This is the determinant of product quality and brand of thietkekientruc.biz.

Since its founding, thietkekientruc.biz has quickly become a strong brand in Architecture and Interior, many individuals and organizations known, newspapers and television are interested in the form of collaboration thematic programs in Architecture and Interior.

More than 80% of the work is thietkekientruc.biz received by existing customers and the introduction of mouth referral form other. This represents a reputation for quality products and quality service that thietkekientruc.biz has been provided to the customer. The product design and construction of thietkekientruc.biz are innovative and high usability. Quality design and construction is top priority, as the basis for the ongoing development of thietkekientruc.biz.